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Funeral Help Desk Service Answering Service

Viewing schedules, Disposal information, and appointment availability are easy to achieve when speaking to our professional staff and utilizing our funeral answering services. Our message procedures can help to avoid hassles and / or embarrassing situations.

Sensitivity to your Clients

  • Specialized 'Music On Hold' is provided for a blended atmosphere should your client need assistance which may require them to be put on hold for a few moments.
  • There may be a need to review a schedule or to place the caller on hold to dial out for an emergency; should this occur, we will make every effort to keep the hold time very brief and will keep your client informed to help achieve a pleasant call experience.
  • Greetings: An optional service is available to allow a professional recording / commercial of your company information and other important information prior to a call attendant taking the call and / or during a brief hold period.

Give us a call to learn more about our professional funeral answering services. The number to dial is 631-787-8300. When you call, we can further discuss how these services can help.

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