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Relay Communications Center is proudly Veteran Owned and Operated!

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Our Answering Service History

Relay Communication Center was established in 1968 after a family medical emergency motivated its creation. The family was prompted to discover a means of contacting people by radio, because they had difficulty locating a physician by phone. Many did not have an answering service and beepers were non-existent at the time.

After much research, family members found that a one way radio signaling device was being developed and went on to acquire licensing from the Federal Communications Commission. In conjunction with establishing Long Island’s first paging service in 1968, the founders started a quality telephone answering service. In 1980, Relay Communication Center became one of the first computerized facilities using state-of-the-art electronics, telecommunications and computers.

Today, through continued growth and new technology, the company still maintains the policy
that “it all comes back to the best possible service for a fair price”

1968 - Relay's first switchboard and operator

1968 - Relay's first switchboard and operator

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The evolution of technology affords new and exciting solutions

Our Professional Answering Services

Relay prides itself on its fast, effective operations by keeping abreast of the latest technology. 24-hour service is provided for round-the-clock coverage and performed by an experienced and qualified support team. Should you have a specific requirement that needs special attention, Relay Communications Center is the answer. We maintain a steady flow of business with our existing customers. We can easily adapt new and different strategies for custom orders, because we want to ensure the best methods are being implemented.

Relay provides prompt and courteous service with specially trained personnel when acting as your call receptionist and respondent.
Relay keeps your costs at a minimum by using stat-of-the-art computers.
Relay is a Professional Call Center offering the same advantages as much larger companies at affordable rates and providing a variety of professional services with individual attention to each order.
Relay answers ALL of your calls professionally and processes ALL of your orders promptly.

For more information about our professional answering services, please contact us today. We offer our answering services to clients nationwide. We have years of experience as a trusted call center and look forward to working with you.

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