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  • APPOINTMENTS, SCHEDULES & RESERVATIONS are optional features for professional offices, business meetings, service providers, transportation companies, churches, funerals, restaurants, seminars, special events, and other applications.
  • Our special SCHEDULING SYSTEM is customized specifically for each client's requirements. Any type of parameter established by the client can be programmed into the system such as times, days, duration, description, location, identity of caller, etc.
  • Follow up services, R.S.V.P. Hotline and Follow-Up: is a great way to have parties without having to stay by the phone. This service is great for large parties and Celebrity Parties where privacy is a key point. You invite your guests, and simply supply Relay with a list of guests. This information remains private and secure and we take the calls with the guest response. We even offer services to do a follow up call to those who have not responded by the due date. Other variations of this service and others are available.
  • REMINDER NOTIFICATION by phone or e-mail to patients or clients is an optional feature to prevent missed appointments.
  • MEDICAL OFFICES - MULTIPLE DOCTORS is not a problem with our system. Appointments can be made for more than one doctor in a single office or at multiple offices. A single schedule or multiple schedules can be viewed simultaneously to determine and schedule an available time slot with any doctor.
  • PASS CODE PROTECTION provides assurance that only the client and our operators can access the client's schedule. The level of security is HIPAA compliant for the medical community.
  • AFTER HOUR APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING is a 24/7 convenience when the client's office is closed. This results with increased billing by and profits for the client.
  • LOCATION DIRECTIONS become an added feature to the Appointment Scheduling Services. When callers make an appointment or schedule a reservation, our operators can provide them with directions to where they have to go.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES enable our operators to obtain and enter detailed information about the caller for the client's office records.

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