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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

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Testimonials and Sponsorships

Although we are a small family business, our family, staff and our love and desire to help others has kept us going thanks to all that have helped.

Our Company has helped raise funds to help the Haitian Relief Programs, through the Rotary International sponsorship and other fine organizations.

"To the family and staff of Relay Communications Center, I can't say enough for all of your time and help with our annual 'Relay For Life' located at the Pulaski Street School sports ground.  Your contributions have helped so many and your donated services have been so helpful with our security guards and other personnel.  Again, thank you and we look forward to your support every year."    
- Jill and the entire Committee.

"Thank you, Relay for helping the 'Guide Dog Foundation' for all of these years.  Your help and contributions have certainly helped those in need.  The emergency service provided by your company has benefitted our Foundation more than words could say.  Again, we could not have provided our valuable services without your help." 
- Barbara and Dorothy.

"Our sincere Thank you, to Relay Communications and the entire family and staff, for the many years of help and services provided to help those who need a chance.  Your family and staff have proven to be a great asset to our organization and to the community.  We can't say enough about the quality and care given to each person who have worked with you."   
- Sam and Thelma and the entire NAACP Committee.

"Touching the lives of others has been our goal and your company has certainly provided the opportunity and support needed to make that happen.  Thank you Relay and your staff and family, as your love for children has not gone un-noticed."

"  Our Theatre Production company has enjoyed many years of service that is donated by Relay Communications Center.  We couldn't have done it without you.  The answering service has been such a benefactor to our success. Again, Thanks."
- The RFCT Committee and Director

"Attn. Relay and all involved...... Our medical team has reached its goal to helping the children in Africa.  Your kind donations have continued to help our doctors provide surgery and other medical needs that could not be possible otherwise.   Again, thank you for your dedication to our services."
- Dr. Brenda Rice CEO of Medical Services for the Greater New York area.

"To help prevent Gang violence, we depend on our community and business partners.  Relay Communications and the family and staff have joined in helping to make this a winning victory.   Again, thank you, Relay, for your continued help in our community. We recently came across some artifacts in the basement archives and we found a box of news articles going back to the 1960's and 70's and many of the articles had information about how Relay Communications Center provided communications and power generator back up during hurricanes, blackouts, floods, and snow storms.  Your company certainly has been with us for a long time and we certainly appreciate all that you have done.

To the entire Family and Staff of Relay Communications Center - I would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thank you for your time and donations to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Your time and work at our annual booth has also proved helpful and has given our members the support that they deserve for their years of service to our great Nation."
- Sgt. Jim Marshal

"I have been blessed to have a job for over 21 years at Relay.  My husband has not been able to work and the family and staff have always been there to help.  Thank you and may God bless you - always!"
- Darlene and Frank

"I have had a career working at Relay for over 15 years.  Their senior Call Center Supervisor has been here for over 30 years.  Our customers really enjoy having us as their communications company and speaking with a knowledgeable team and having instant access to technical support during the day and even on *weekends and *Holidays.  Thanks, Relay for being there for me and my family :)"
- Former Employee

"My house project started to go over budget.  Relay helped me to streamline my communications and put more work on Relay and less work and stress on me. Way-to-go, Relay"
- Champion Homes

"Day or night, when traffic lights go out, I can count on Relay to forward callers complaints to the appropriate on call team to get those lights fixed right away.  Relay helped to implement a plan to help reduce costs and to eliminate unnecessary scheduling which has saved us time and money.  Thanks, Relay.

Our emergency phones allow people to call in problems or injuries in remote areas.  Relay has handled these calls for years and has sent help to those in need.  Thanks, Relay for a job well done." 
- Tony

"Riverhead Blue Masques:  Our school productions have certainly benefitted with the new website.  This is such a great way to reach out to the community and we certainly appreciate the donated services to help our fund raising causes.   
Again, thank you."
- RBM Committee

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