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Elevator Emergency Response Answering Service

This is a specialized Emergency Type Response Service that is provided exclusively for telephones inside an elevator.

In the event that an elevator stops working and a passenger needs assistance or emergency help, they pick up the telephone inside the elevator for *assistance.  (*working phone required in elevator to dial out to proper phone number). The client is responsible to have the phone(s) programmed to call out and to specify what number will be dialed to reach help.

*Service with our company with payment is required to use this service.
*Phones in elevators should be properly tested to ensure proper working order.

Information and instructions from the building’s management is provided to us in advance at the time application is made for service. As soon as the call is answered by our professionally trained staff, the client’s detailed information and instructions automatically appear on the operator’s computer monitor along with a pre-printed script that they read to the caller. It assures the caller that help is on the way and to remain calm. The operator immediately contacts the people “on call” to inform them of the emergency situation.

Affordable Elevator Emergency Call Services

The initial cost for this service is inexpensive; similar to that of an insurance policy. There is a nominal fee to set it up; the actual cost is based on the amount of information and instructions that are required to be programmed. That is a one time fee; subsequent program changes are inexpensive also.

There is a low monthly service fee payable annually in advance. There is no charge for test calls providing they are announced in advance as a “test call”. There is a nominal processing charge for each emergency call from the elevator.

Our elevator emergency dispatch answering service is great with virtual office and other telephone answering services. We offer emergency answering services for all types of businesses. Our emergency answering service and order taking answering service hotlines are great services to add with our elevator answering services. Cover all the bases with All Island Call Center.

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