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Nationwide 2-Way Radio Services & Emergency Dispatching

All Island Call Center offers clients nationwide with many different types of call services, including 2-way radio services and emergency dispatching. Public safety is key when providing great service to:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Fire Departments
  • Government Agencies
  • Town Municipalities
  • and more...

You can’t put a price on public safety! Our 2-way radio services will enable these agencies to better perform their day-to-day duties.

Our State-of the Art Repeater Systems and Radio Dispatching options offer many solutions for your place of work. Keep your fire fighters, police officers, public safety personnel, ambulance professionals and more in communication effectively and affordably using our many proven services.

A two-way radio is simply a hand held device or transceiver that can both transmit and receive voice communication. They have become an increasingly popular system due to the advantages of unit-to-unit and instant accessibility for quick communication. Construction sites, schools, and disaster recovery teams are just a few of the more popular ways that our 2 way radio service is utilized.

We can also install a two-way radio system for fire departments and help them achieve a more efficient means of communication. Our equipment is available for rent or purchase depending on your needs. We are FCC compliant and offer complete FCC license review and processing.

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For more information about our 2-way radio services, 24/7 dispatching, and emergency dispatching,
please contact us today. 24/7 dispatching can be necessary for many businesses. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our various call services, as well as lay out the benefits of choosing us.

Consulting services are also available.

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