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Emergency Answering Service

Long Island Call Center for Emergency Answering Service

There are many types of businesses and services that require an emergency answering service and All Island Call Center is there for those businesses. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, contractors, oil companies, security companies and more can utilize our emergency answering service to heed the calls of incoming emergencies. We lend our Long Island call center for businesses across the country to aid with emergency answering services.

How Our Emergency Answering Service Works

An emergency answering service is available for use at a moment's notice, making it perfect for companies and services that require this sort of immediate attention. How it works is that the call is forwarded to a pre-arranged emergency number at our answering service. Ensuring it gets immediate attention. Our call center will act on the call and make sure the right parties are notified to handle the service in a timely manner. At our call center, there are emergency protocols we follow to make sure these situations are handled professionally. We have a trained staff to effectively handle these emergencies. We will route the calls accord and send messages to the appropriate members of your team. Ensuring that all bases are covered.

Emergency Answering Service Features

Here are some of the key features of our emergency answering service for our clients.

Listen to Caller's Messages

We can send sound files to your email so you can listen to your callers' messages on your computer if that is the easiest way for you to operate. Listening to the messages yourself also means that there is nothing lost in translation and you get the full account of the emergency call.

Direct Call from Our Call Center

If you so choose, you can receive direct phone calls from our call center to relay messages to you or messages to a pre-determined location. Ensuring a quick response time.

Utilization of Email

When you turn to our call center, we can send messages via email. Which can be a convenient way to organize your calls and messages.

Leave Prompt Voicemails

Our call center can work with you and leave prompt voicemails that you can then listen to by using a secure pass code.

Daily or Real Time Reports

When you opt for All Island Call Center, you can have your messages grouped and sent all at one time daily depending on the urgency of the call. Or you can opt to get a report / message as each call comes in. Whatever is easiest for your business.

Text Messaging Services

We can group together all of your messages via text messaging and text to your team and/or customers.

Contact All Island Call Center Today

For the best and most dependable call center services on Long Island, turn to All Island Call Center! Our emergency answering service helps many businesses not only in New York, but nationwide! If you have a business or run a company that needs a call center to help with emergency calls, then we are the team for you! Professionalism is our name and we offer prompt and affordable answering services.

Our answering services can also be customized to meet your needs. So you do not have to worry about the details. We will work to meet your demands and needs, tailoring our services for your company. For more information about our various answering services, please reach out to us today.

On top of a professional emergency answering service, other answering services we provide include a help desk service, a nighttime calling service, 2-way radio services and much more. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best answering services for your money.

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